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10498289_821459961221800_7996909324052875279_oHere at Market Wraps, our objective is simple: to provide outstandingly delicious, Yorkshire-influenced food to hungry customers at any of our any of our markets or events, and to put it simply – its worth the queue.

Our customers who have enjoyed our food at one of our street stops can attest to its quality, and those who have yet to experience Market Wraps – well, please come soon, introduce yourselves and let us show you our food.

While our regular customers know that we make delicious food for customers to enjoy, generally, what many don’t know is that we specialise in catering special events and weddings as well.

In fact, our catering business has become larger in the past 5 years of trading. In our experience, every satisfied customer thinks of our catering services as the ticket to happy guests, good times, and of course, absolutely great food that will be positively remembered for years to come.

11080911_963445347023260_6581518322546072983_nAll of our meals are created from 100% fresh ingredients, which are locally purchased every day to allow for the best possible flavours to be enjoyed.

Our catering dishes can of course be chosen by customers to best fit their specific event (we don’t just do wraps) but the decision may be difficult, as we offer delectable and unique takes on classic dishes and completely new food styles alike; we cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the most exciting and diverse possible fashion.

A great atmosphere can be added to any environment, we can be accommodated and enhance any party by our wide-ranging menu selections.

IMG_0858Our meals are carefully prepared to look as good as they taste, and more specifically, we may even bring our vintage food trailer with us, “The Allotment”. This well-decorated flavour factory looks great and is perfect for any event or special occasion. Designed as a Yorkshire herb garden, it looks great at any event, and is new for 2016.

With all of this information considered, there is no shortage of reasons to utilise our catering services. Our reputation speaks for itself—we cook some of the tastiest Yorkshire-inspired food around with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients.

We’ve been making hungry guests and customers happy for some time now, and your event won’t be any different. There really is something to be said about enjoying an important day instead of worrying about the things that could go wrong, and down to our experience, what we offer are joyful worry-free special days.

12717541_1138207056213754_1431060946170164068_n-2When you choose award winning Market Wraps, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate both the quality and the price of the provided food.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some cooking to attend to (and Theo is washing the pots!)

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