Its our 5th Birthday!

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We went to collect our certificate from our #SBS award from Theo Paphitis in Birmingham. It is five years since we pulled up at Leeds Farmers Market (The one that used to be at the back of the market) and started trading.

In that 5 years we have changed the logo five times! We have moved from the kitchen at home into a bigger industrial kitchen in Leeds.  The Leeds


The first time we traded at Leeds market

Farmers market moved to Briggate. We have moved into the private catering sector, and have catered for weddings and corporate do’s like Sky’s Christmas party, and we have been lucky enough to work with large events companies, and also cater for festivals, and what started as a passionate hobby on an occasional weekend as now changed into a business.



Five years ago, I had not heard of Street Food, it was just by luck that we started the business at the right time, since then the demand for Street Food as grown in the UK, I remember telling friends about this thing called Street Food and there reaction was blank expressions. Since then there are now food markets just for good quality street food.  Leeds Market now bring Leeds World Feast, this is on the 4th Sunday of every month on Briggate.

With the demand of street food growing, we also changed our style, and our menu, moving from just wraps to slow 411116_424828864218247_647580329_ocooked meats and bbq food. One of my friends (Nick) who is the designer who as created all of the market wrap logos.

To celebrate 5 years of trading, we wanted to bring something new, so, we are excited to bring The Market Wrap Allotment.

The Allotment is a converted vintage horse box. We will be using this at Leeds World Feast.

It is called The Allotment as we want to use local produce, and fresh vegetables and herbs and really celebrate Yorkshire homemade produces.

The Allotment will also be available for weddings and events. IMG_0858

They have been many of lessons/joy/hard work/ in the past five years, and we are sure we will carry on with more in the next, but we just wanted to say a very big thank you to our loyal customer that keep coming back, and everyone (friends and family) that have helped create Market Wraps what it is today.


The last five years – in order!






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