Rise of Street Food in the UK

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11666294_1020611277973333_8867035691310952912_nMarket Wraps has now been trading in the UK for the past 5 years, we have seen the growth of Street food. Now in the Yorkshire area there are dedicated food markets just for the demand of street food.

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Street food trending is slowly growing a rapid market in several countries around the world. People are inclining towards consuming more of the street food because it is cheap as compared to the branded foods and readily available. However, in the UK, although being, this trend is capturing a lot of attention.

For those who are confused as to what street food refers to, it is basically artisan food sold on the street. It is more like street hawkers selling food which is not prepared and served in restaurants and fancy cafes.

The concept of street food generated in UK after quite a speculation from the American food industry where street food is a common thing. Inspiration comes from America regarding the preparation methods and marketing strategies. People are gradually moving towards this consumption pattern as they have to spend less now. It suits them economically.
The fun concept is concealed in eating together in small groups on street corners with a variety of food. Street food hawkers also serve as caterers, in outdoor events or weddings. Their catering skills reflect their food quality.People get to pay less and enjoy an ample amount of food which takes no time to prepare. Also, when the food is being prepared, people get to witness how it is done so they are sure about the hygienic conditions if they have any reservations to the cleanliness. It is more like an adventurous way of acquiring food.

Most people are in favor of street food because of the fact that they are not charged with extra service charges and they have heightened taste and aromas. Although the ambiance is far from being fancy as it is in restaurants, but still the entire experience is mouthwatering and enjoyable. This is the very reason why the English are inclined towards street food. Not that they do not love dinning in restaurants, it is just that they only find it easier to consume their everyday meal in less budget.
Some of the commonly eaten and prepared street foods find its inspiration and deep roots from Mexican tacos, Chinese noodles and Indian curries. People are driven towards local cuisines like these. Moreover, people are in favor of it because of less addition of preservatives and other ingredients. In street food is consumed by 2.5 billion people every day, which speaks a lot about the popularity of this culture. Affordability, accessibility and agility being one of the key concerns of most customers cause them to have more of this food. Travelers from around the world like the food being prepared in front of them and the aroma of it is naturally too appetising.
The diversity of cultures of multi-cultural approach to food is playing a natural catalyst in the development of street food in Britain. This all enhances the food trends and culinary experience of the vendors.

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